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The art of Cologne based painter

Armin Scheid is just as versatile as it is stringent on the other hand:

The intensive study of the possibilities of painting is reflected in a complex body of work, which could be quite assigned at first glance to different artists. At second glance

it is embraced by profound similarities - such as the intensive study and exploration of 

contrast-effects, the love for oversaturated colours, the rhythmical and almost ornamental use of brushstrokes as well as

the dynamic and polycentric understanding

of creating paintings.

In recent years, very different open artwork-series have emerged such as:

„Elementarteilchen (Elementary Particles)“,


"Oleander Darlings",

"Surfers Delight",

"Poolside Memories" 

on one hand and: 

"Tropical Pleasure"


„Kurvenwunder (Curves)“,

„Atelier-Dschungel (Studio-Jungle)" and "Cowgirls" on the other hand.

The beholders self-assurance concerning

the definition of space, planimetrics and physicality is irritated repeatedly. Things

seem to resolve sometimes and yet are

firmly bounded in a rhythmic interplay of color-, brightness- and movement-contrasts.


The viewer is not just witness, but involved

in this rhythmical game and "illuminated" by the vibrant power of colours.

Recently Armin Scheid is working on space specific room installations combining his diverse series´ into an immersive painters universe - playfully irritating perspectives

and space consciousness.

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